Credit: Shutterstock

Know those days when you just don’t feel like leaving the house for dinner? While delivery exists, it doesn’t exist for all of our fast food options. That’s why we’re in awe that this guy picked up fried chicken with a drone.

It was all performed by New Zealander Ollie Mason-Clarke, who knows a thing or two about food. Mason-Clarke is the voice behind the King of Cheat Meals Instagram and Facebook page.

This was all planned with KFC prior to filming. In fact, according to the New Zealand Herald, the location was chosen because the drive-thru bordered a park. So, the drone wouldn’t have to travel (and possibly disrupt) major roads.

As you can see, Mason-Clarke decided to have a park picnic with the Queen of Cheat Meals, Sarah Collier, so their fun project didn’t interfere with other customers or neighbors. We think that’s a pretty adorable date idea.

While we’re super impressed by the drone, Mason-Clarke did comment on Facebook that any more food might require a different vehicle.

Who knows? If Amazon can use drones for their Prime Air project, we think that a few fast food restaurants can definitely use them for a quick and speedy delivery order.