S. Nicole Lane
January 29, 2017 1:55 pm
Desilu Productions/Paramount Television

Imgur account and user, MixerOfMeows, is a Photoshop expert. Because of their skills, the user has tons of friends making absurd Photoshop requests from him and some of them, like this one, can be pretty urgent. The request, sent at 6:35 a.m. (which alone is just insane), read, “I need you to find a picture of a cat on a plate, and make it be wearing Captain Kirks yellow Star Trek uniform.” Instead of asking, like most of us would, “Why in the hell would you need a photo of a cat wearing Captain Kirk’s yellow Star Trek uniform on a plate at 7 a.m.?” MixerOfMeows simply clarifies the needs of his buddy. He asked, “A cat on a plate? Like sitting on a plate?” to try and gauge what their friend so desperately imagines for this Photoshop masterpiece.

“Wall plate,” Bro Number 2 answers. Ahhh, now you get it, right? (We didn’t, it’s OK.)

The result? Exactly what we all had hoped for. Oh, the internet.


This, my friends, is a pal to keep around.