Credit: robertilijason / YouTube

We thought that Amazon Prime was great, but this? This may just change lives. While it’s still in development, the Moby Mart will deliver groceries right to your door. And, not in boxes left out on your porch — it’s actually a mobile grocery store that’ll come to your home and allow you to browse. Frankly, it’s one of the best things we’ve heard about in awhile. The one bummer? Since it’s being tested in Shanghai, it might not make its way stateside for some time.

Wheelys Inc., a Swedish start-up company, is currently working on the mobile mart, which is set to include basic groceries — and even shoes. The Moby Mart is around the size of a school bus, and can be summoned by using an app. Out of a product that you need ASAP? Have no fear — the Moby Mart is (almost) here.

According to Mashable, customers are greeted with a hologram cashier that is equal parts creepy and cool. But from the sounds of it, that’s the extent of any social interaction. Payment is made through sensors, and since it’s 2017, all purchases are immediately paid for through your credit card.

Credit: robertilijason / YouTube

And there’s one more bonus — the Moby Mart is somewhat environmentally friendly.

As of now, the mart runs with electricity, and it’s also equipped with solar panels. Technicians are also working to make the Moby Mart self-driving, which only makes it cooler.

We think it’s safe to say that this is the most futuristic grocery store ever.