Kenya Foy
Updated August 09, 2016 9:01 am
Sebastien Hamel/Unsplash

Based on several all too real accounts of what it feels like to be a new mom, it’s safe to say that they’re faced with superhero-level to-do lists that leave them overwhelmed, perpetually sleep-deprived and wearing diapers. Often, the struggles of being a new mom are glossed over by people who are too busy pressuring them to get their pre-pregnancy bodies back. Luckily, new mothers are receiving some acknowledgment in the form of an iOS emoji keyboard that accurately reflects their unique experiences, according to US Weekly.

EmojiMom is a collection of mom-mojis that are so real, they should have mothers everywhere crying real tears of appreciation.

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For example, there’s an emoji of a new mom pumping breast milk in a bathroom stall. Another emoji features a mom wearing a breast milk-stained tee, while an expectant mother gets her yoga on.

The inspiration for the keyboard came when Harvard grad Sarah Robinson and her besties Natalie Ralston and Hannah Hudson became new moms in 2015 and decided to put their sobering experiences to good use.

“We wanted to help moms sending these to make their friends laugh, and moms on the receiving end to feel like someone just a text away gets what they’re going through,” Robinson told Us. “And what you go through is the highest of the highs as well as the lowest of lows, as all parents know. That’s why we have an emoji of a mom who has just delivered and has champagne in her hand, and we have an emoji of postpartum mesh underwear! Motherhood is both of those things.”

We couldn’t have said it better. Download your EmojiMom keyboard at iTunes.