Trilby Beresford
August 08, 2017 8:15 am

It’s no secret that we love using emojis to spice up our texts — because sometimes they say more than words ever could. And guess what? We just heard that redhead emojis are rolling out in June 2018 (at least that’s the plan…still pending approval). This news is a bit of a relief, honestly, because we expected them to be among the 56 new emojis that Apple unveiled in July, and then…nothing. Who knew that representing a simple (and natural!) hair color would be something to hesitate over?

Thanks to emoji users who voiced their dissatisfaction and begged for ginger equality, Unicode included a draft for a redhead emoji, and as long as things go as planned, redheads are finally getting what they deserve! The How to be a Redhead Twitter account tweeted the good news this morning.

And the good people of the internet are celebrating!

Also in the list of 67 emoji characters drafted by Unicode is a frowning pile of poo (nice one), bald and grey-haired people, and a hiking boot. Okay, those are our faves! There are other cool ones like a skateboard, frisbee, jigsaw puzzle piece, face-wearing-party hat, dog bone, and way more.

Here’s hoping the best of the best gets approved!

It just goes to show…when you really want something, speak up. Let the world know about your concern. They might just listen, and they might just deliver the goods.

Can’t wait to start using all the new emojis, and we’re especially happy that redheads just may finally get an emoji of their very own.