iphone 7
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Rest easy, guys — that awful rumor about the iPhone 7 not having a home button has been officially laid to rest. Instead of permanently banishing the beloved button (and thereby ruining lives everywhere), Apple will keep the home button, but it is getting a makeover. According to The Verge, the iPhone 7 will feature a pressure-sensitive home button. Additionally, Bloomberg News reports that the updated home button “provides feedback to the user via a vibrating haptic sensation.”

Sounds fancy, huh? Now that we don’t have to imagine life without a home button, there are a couple more crucial updates the iPhone 7 will include ahead of its reported rollout next month, starting with the removal of the headphone jack. Bloomberg reports the feature was given the axe “in favor of connectivity via Bluetooth and the charging port.”

Awww! Let’s have a moment of silence. #ripheadphonejack

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On the bright side, the larger iPhone will reportedly feature a dual camera system, which will allow for sharper photos to be taken in low-light surroundings and the ability to zoom without sacrificing clarity.

In other words, we expect all iPhone 7 selfies to be on point. Nothing to be sad about there.