Karen Belz
Updated Jul 25, 2017 @ 5:06 pm

If you’ve ever had to fact-check a myth or bogus story, there’s a good chance you visited Snopes. Unfortunately, the site is going through some tough times. Snopes is currently crowdfunding to stay afloat after their advertising revenue stream fell through.

While the site has been self-funded since the very beginning (1994, to be exact!), they currently can’t afford to keep on their team of researchers. In fact, they’ve even started up a Kickstarter campaign to help raise funds.

In their eyes, the site has been held hostage by the outside vendor. With this Kickstarter, they’re hoping to regain control and not go under. And while they have a team of lawyers on their side, they’ve acknowledged that it’ll be hard to function with both the legal and staff fees.

As expected, a lot of fans are trying their hardest to save the site.

The outcry made a big difference. In just one day, Snopes has gone above and beyond their starting goal of $500,000. So for now, they’re likely safe. But, in a world where fake headlines cross our Facebook feeds on a daily basis, it’s important that they don’t give up the continuous fight.

This is the first time since the site started that they’re asking for community help, and we hope everything works out. It’s hard to imagine the internet without them!