Kenya Foy
March 27, 2017 4:04 am

We already have proof that life will improve in a big way next month: Starting in April, you’ll be able to text Starbucks gift cards to all of your favorite coffee lovers, Uproxx reports. Instead of impatiently standing in line behind all those customers who placed their orders on the Starbucks app, you’ll be able to iMessage your bestie a gift card to the coffee chain to set aside for those days when you just wanna hang out, catch up, and savor every single sip of your Smoked Butterscotch latte among good company.

Sure, Starbucks is known for its pretty cards, but we think plenty of customers will take the convenience of sending gift cards via text over whipping out a blinged-out card to pay for their drinks. Time-saving tech wins again, y’all.

According to BuzzFeed, recipients have the options of using the gift card directly from their iMessage or uploading it to their Starbucks app. But honestly, who cares how they choose to shop with it, as long as they hit you back with a “ZOMG, thanks so much” reply that includes kissy faces and a million Starbucks emojis, right?

Anyway, let us all end this month on a high note that comes from knowing something wonderful (and extremely convenient) this way comes. To celebrate this newest Starbucks development, we think it’d be a great idea to set aside a little cash in order to treat the entire squad to Starbucks gift cards by text, just because we can.