Here are 17 accessories you need for your back-to-school technology

Forever 21

Accessorizing doesn’t have to stop at necklaces, earrings, and bags. In fact, we like to imagine that technology loves to be accessorized as much as we do. That’s why we’ve collected some of the cutest, most aesthetically pleasing tech accessories to take your back-to-school tech to the next level.

Whether you’re looking for the perfect gift for your tech-obsessed friend, or wanting to treat yourself (or your phone) to something nice, you might just find what you’re in need of below. We hope whatever device you’re reading this on is charged and ready for some extreme online shopping.

Plug in and scroll onward, readers. A plethora of gadget goodness awaits. Listen Up Chill Pills Earbuds ($20)

Image of Chill Pills earbuds

Let people know you’ve taken your chill pills and are in your zone. Do not disturb.

2LaurenbyDesign Glitter Agate MacBook Decal ($23+)

Image of LaurenbyDesign glitter agate decal
Etsy / LaurenbyDesign

What happens when our laptops try to outshine us? Honestly, we’re not mad about it.

33-in-1 Smartphone Lens Kit ($34)

Image of Urban Outfitters smartphone lenses
Urban Outfitters

Your autumn selfie game is going to be so on point.

4Flamingo Vice PopSocket ($10)

Image of Flamingo Vice PopSocket

You can customize your own PopSocket, or rock this neon flamingo number. Either way, holding your phone just got a lot easier.

5iSkelterProducts Slate Mobile LapDesk ($59.95)

Image of slate laptop desk
Etsy / iSkelterProducts

It’s sleek, cooling, lightweight, and there’s a place for all your technology. This is what the future looks like, people.

6Forever 21 DCI LED iPhone Light Charger ($14.90)

Image of Forever 21 LED light charger
Forever 21

Sprinkle some fairy dust into your charging ritual and voila — you have twinkly lights on your charging cord. We do believe in fairies! Back Me Up Mobile Charger ($35)

Image of Back Me Up charger

The true secret to success!

8Urban Outfitters Rose Gold iPhone Disco Light ($19.95)

Image of Urban Outfitter's iPhone disco light
Urban Outfitters

A necessity for when you want to be the life of the study party.

9Free People Triple C Selfie Remote and Speakerphone ($38)

Image of Free People selfie remote
Free People

A bluetooth speaker and a selfie remote all packaged into one glimmering keychain? We’ll take five for the whole squad, please.

10ASOS Skinnydip Embroidered Headphones ($48)

Image of ASOS embroidered headphones

We’d actually just wear these as a stylish headband/tiara. But listening to music with these could be super cool, too.

11GypseeArt White Marble and Rose Gold Mousepad ($12)

Image of marble mousepad
Etsy / GypseeArt

A mousepad for the modern age.

12Justice Pom Pom Power Bank Keychain ($19.90)

Image of Justice pom pom power bank

It’s nice to know this fuzzy buddy always has your back. Rainbow iPhone 7 Case ($32)

Image of Rainbow phone case

Be your own pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

14Polaroid ZIP Mobile Printer ($129.99)

Image of Polaroid ZIP Printer

Now you can make any smartphone photo into the perfect Polaroid print to hang in your locker.

15Instax Mini Color Filter Lens Set ($18)

Image of Instax Mini Filters
Urban Outfitters

Although #NoFilter is always trending, #Filter is definitely okay also.

16CYLO Underwater Disposable Camera ($12.97)

Image of CYLO underwater camera
Nordstrom Rack

Make the most of the last remaining beach days with this little buddy. You’re going to want to keep those memories alive as the school year takes over.

17ASOS Mustard Cactus Audio Splitter ($11.50)

Image of ASOS cactus audio splitter

Treat yo self and treat yo tech.

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