Snapchat is using adorable vending machines to sell its newest product

You can now buy wearable tech from Snapchat – but only from a super adorable, one-eyed vending machine.

Snapchat’s Spectacles are eyeglasses with a camera that connects to your smartphone to send snaps. You can only buy the specs at a Snapbot, a bright yellow vending machine bearing an uncanny resemblance to a minion. Just a heads up, a pair of spectacles will set you back a cool $130.

The first Snapbot dropped in Los Angeles early Thursday, but the company says it won’t stay there for long. That means if you’re nearby and want to try out the new tech, stop what you’re doing and go now.

You can find out when and where a Snapbot might be near you by keeping an eye to Spectacles’ Twitter account. You can also take a peek at this map. 

We gotta admit: Tracking down a cute vending machine is less convenient than finding a Best Buy, but it sure is a lot more fun!

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