Hooray! The Snapchat update has an awesome new feature

Get your phones out. The latest Snapchat update will include a rewind feature so you can watch your favorite snaps over again!

Real-time, in-the-moment updates are more popular than ever (just look at Instagram following Snapchat’s lead with “Instagram Stories” if you need proof). Until now, though, Instagram Stories had something Snapchat didn’t: The ability to rewind through stories you’ve already seen.

Snapchat users will be able to use a rewind feature once they download the latest version of the app, The Verge reports.

The new feature lets you tap the left side of a story, which brings you to a split screen with the options “next snap” or “go back.”

The update will also feature “world filters,” which will let you use the app’s famous selfie filters with the rear-facing camera. You can also save snaps and send them to another contact.

Now we’ll never have to worry about tapping through stories too fast again. Hallelujah!

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