Sundi Rose
August 27, 2016 1:20 pm
Don Arnold/WireImage

In terms of taking the absolute best picture of yourself, this selfie camera is a real game-changer.

The new Fujifilm X-A3 is a lightweight, mirrorless camera with a screen that tilts 180 degrees. That means it’s  not too heavy to hold over your head to get the perfect aerial shot, but also has a lot of enhancement features to make you look super fab. Features like the Eye Detection AF and the new Portrait Enhancer are gonna give you filter-worthy pics, without all the decision making that comes along with a filter.

Fujifilm designed the camera with us ladies in mind. In a statement, they said, “The X-A3 adopts a retro design with compact and lightweight body that is appealing to the younger female generation. The retro feel gives a ‘fresh’ and ‘fashionable’ impression.” Who are they kidding, though, we all know everybody likes to take a good selfie.

According to Wired magazine, “This latest model picks up a few tricks that help you take smarter selfies. When you flip the screen up, the camera automatically focuses on your eyes. There’s also a feature that automatically triggers the shutter when you smile, or when people huddle in front of the lens.”

It’s like a smart camera that not only takes fab pictures, but also helps you look your best. It has a streamlined design, with fewer buttons and knobs than the higher-end models, but the 24 megapixels are comparable with the more expensive professional cameras.

But the X-A3 one isn’t cheap, nor is it available quite yet. All this cool retro function and form is going to set you back about $600, and you’ll have to wait until October 2 to buy it. So, it really comes down to determining just how badly you want to look good in those selfies.

Most of us know a solid selfie is priceless. And at least you have a little while to save up.