Self-driving buses may soon be a thing, and we are excited for the future of public transportation

Look out, road — self-driving buses exist!

As reported by Engadget, Singapore is trial-running two buses sans drivers to see how they fare on the road and with passengers. These will be full-size buses — 40 feet long — and they will be in service in the Jurong West region of Singapore.

The buses will transport 80 passengers each for a one-mile trip, and the trial organizers may also have the buses stop at a train station in the area.

If so, the trial ride would end up being 5 miles. Both buses will charge at bus stops with charging masts — similar to the electric cars and hybrids we are more used to seeing.


This isn’t the first time that self-driving buses are being tested on such a large (and public) scale. As recently as June, the Mercedes-Benz Future Bus took a 12-mile tour around Amsterdam. It seems that all over the globe, companies are itching to test out self-driving vehicles — personal cars included — despite consumer skepticism on the safety and market success of these products.

But Singapore might have better luck, as the city is a popular spot for self-driving vehicles to be tested; self-driving taxis hit the road earlier this year.

Are you all for the self-driving vehicle trend about to hit the market, or are you waiting for these vehicles to ride off of the road?

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