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Scientists just found what they think to be the first-ever-discovered fossilized dinosaur brain.

Experts believe the 133-million-year-old brain belonged to an Iguanodon, a large herbivore that roamed the earth during the Jurrasic period.

Alex Liu and his colleagues presented the discovery at the Society of Society of Vertebrate Paleontology on Thursday. Soft-tissue fossils are so rare that many scientists were skeptical, but Liu says the evidence is too strong to ignore. In the fossil, Liu’s team found blood vessels, collagen, membranes and (possibly) brain cortex.

As reported by Engadget, researchers think the dinosaur died head-down in acidic water, which helped preserve the soft tissue. The fossil resembles brains in modern-day reptiles and birds, which means scientists can use it to better understand the evolution of entire species.

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