Gina Florio
September 15, 2016 7:26 pm
Getty Images/Sean Gallup

All the update reminders on your phones and tablets can be a real pain, but some of them are actually worth the time and effort to download. Apple’s newest operating system, iOS 10, is being dubbed an important one to keep our eyes on. All the lovely tech geeks out there have done their homework so all we have to do is keep up with their latest posts in order to find out the full iOS 10 scoop. From a faster keyboard to a better Messages app, there’s a lot to love about the new operating system. This list just starts to chip away at the iceberg of Apple goodness.

Here are seven reasons you need to actually update your iPhone to iOS 10.

1. Performance and battery life

Apparently the new OS allows your phone’s hardware to run more efficiently. That means you’ve got more time on your hands before you run for your charger.

2. There’s a new lock screen

Remember those days when you would swipe your phone to wake up it up and get the juices flowing? No more! Now the slide allows you to see your widgets and do a search, but in order to wake up your phone you now have the option of pressing the home button or using touch ID.

3. Cooler notifications

These new notifications are bigger and better, and they allow you to do things in their little bubble so you don’t have to always change apps to get something accomplished.

4. There’s a handy back button

You can use this back button (which doesn’t block out WiFi connection indicators) to get swiftly from one app to the other.

5. Faster keyboard

The new keyboard even predicts which emojis you want to type into the box. Typing suggestions form other languages now pop up when you’re typing as well.

6. Messages is way better

It’s a small thing, but you can now see the picture of your contact at the top of your message thread. There are also a lot of different things you can within the message app, like take a picture to send or send a message with a different “effect,” like “Slam” or “Gentle.”

7. You can get rid of default apps

Finally! You can hide away the first-party apps, like the Mail app that nobody uses, from your home screen. They’re not going to disappear completely from your iPad, but at least they’ll be out of sight.