Credit: Disney

Chocolate means a lot to us. But there is now indisputable proof that it can change the world. Scientists discovered that not only can the cocoa goodness change your mood and lift your spirits, it can now literally fuel a car.

In 2009, researchers at the University of Warwick in England used the waste produced by manufacturing chocolate and turned it into a fuel for cars. They can make it into a diesel fuel that can power a Formula 3 race car up to 135 miles per hour.

A chocolate-fueled car sounds right out of “Wreck-It Ralph”.

Check out the mesmerizing video. The car really runs on the nectar of life, after all. Even better, that’s not where the environmentally-friendly aspects stop!

The car is super eco-friendly. According to Science Daily, it’s “made from woven flax, recycled carbon fibre, recycled resin and carrot pulp for the steering wheel. It runs on biofuel made from chocolate and animal fats and is lubricated with plant oils.”

He wants to change the wasteful perception of motorsports. According to him, the project is “aiming to show ways for the future, for people to race and be green.”

Protecting our environment is extremely topical and important, especially now. A car that runs on chocolate could change the way we view waste and excess. Who knew chocolate could be the answer to all our problems?

Wait. We did. We always knew how important chocolate is, but now science backs up what we’ve known all along.