Kenya Foy
January 09, 2017 6:58 am
HaBLA Espanjol /

We’re beginning to think a side effect of browsing the internet is increasingly excitable behavior because apparently people are losing it over this picture of a blurry ham on Reddit. Yes, the questionable appearance of a piece of meat has produced an online uproar that Cosmo accurately compared to the Great Viral Dress Fiasco of 2015, which we would love to pretend never happened but are unable to because this new meat pic scandal won’t let us forget how people can’t help but go bonkers over viral photos.

Let us recall the picture of a cat hiding in some logs that caused an internet meltdown. According to our extensive research (read: totally biased opinions), we happen to think these ham-shocked folks and the up-in-arms, hiding cat folks are one in the same, always on standby waiting to freak out on cue.

But that was until we saw the picture of the sliced ham, which is definitely blurry…or is it?

HaBLA Espanjol /

So, we’re feeling like hypocrites because we came thisclose to having a full-on meltdown but the owner of the photo has taken time out to kindly explain to the riotous folks out in internet land that this meat is not actually blurry, dammit.

Here’s a mini-film breakdown titled Out of Focus Sliced Ham: The Movie, so everyone just needs to relax over this meat, already.

Now that we’ve seen visual evidence that the meat isn’t actually blurry, we’ll be sure to double-check our meat purchases in the future and wait on the next inevitable viral photo meltdown.