Credit: Mink Mingle / Unsplash

Have an iPhone? Do us a favor. Look in your albums and check out the number of selfies you’ve taken. If it’s a high number, have no fear — surely your friends aren’t too far ahead or behind your count. (And, uh — those are just the selfies stored on our phones that we haven’t deleted!)

Samsung decided to estimate how many selfies the average young adult would take in a lifetime, and the number is quite high. But not incredibly surprising.

Their guess? 25,000. That’s a lot of photos.

The information was revealed to help promote the improved front-facing camera on their two new phones, the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+.

Obviously, they wanted to push how important selfies truly are to our generation. Really, we can’t see them going anywhere. Even if we don’t share all of our selfies, they can definitely help boost our confidence. Or at the very least, help make us more secure that we don’t have anything stuck in our teeth before a big event.

It’s also been reported that we spend about one hour per week on selfies. That’s taking them, editing them, and posting them to social media.

This data isn’t too far off from a study that Luster Premium White did back in 2015. Not only did they estimate that millennials would be snapping thousands and thousands of selfies, but they figured out that 95% of our demographic has taken a selfie before. So if you have a friend who seems “above” the art of selfie-taken, there might be something she’s just not telling you.

While selfies weren’t invented in 2010, they definitely took off around that time. You can thank Apple for that.

Prior to, our selfies were done with digital cameras, or — gasp! — regular cameras with film. Back in those days, we had to pay a lot of money to find out we were slightly off-center (or not in frame at all. Whoops.)

Next time you take a selfie, which is probably within the next hour, just think about how it’ll affect your lifetime total!