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Does one app to rule them all sound like a good plan? Well, that’s what Instagram is trying to accomplish with its latest feature. Announced on April 17th, Instagram now has a way to sort saved posts into “collections.” While these collections will certainly make you want to organize your saved posts, it’s already universally considered to be Instagram’s attempt to take over Pinterest. (Kind of like what Instagram did with Snapchat.) Let the battle of the apps rage on!

According to Instagram’s blog, 46% of Instagram users have saved at least one post since the company launched the bookmark feature in December 2016.

These collections will surely give more focus to your saved posts since you’ll be able to sort them into separate folders, like “Adorable Dogs,” “PIZZA,” or “Hair inspo.”

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This feature will kick off the week of April 17th and here’s how you can start making your own collections, in Instagram’s words:

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The collections feature sounds very much like how you save pins to boards on Pinterest, but the one pro that collections have over boards is that they are always private, so no one will know about any embarrassing collections you’ve got going on. Of course, you can make private Pinterest boards, but the collections default to private.

While we still like our Pinterest account for Pinteresty-things, thank you very much, Instagram’s collection feature does sound like it will be super fun to use — even if we didn’t expect it from the social media app.