Olivia Harvey
November 15, 2017 6:30 am

One man is taking a stand against the “trickery” that comes in the form of a compact. Russian app developer, Ashot Gabrelyanov, is protecting his fellow dudes from being led into “makeup traps” via a new app that removes makeup from pictures. Hmmm.

The app is called MakeApp and it allows users to digitally wipe makeup off of people in photos. The first five pics are apparently free, at which point you must pay $0.99. While we acknowledge that MakeApp also lets users add makeup to photos, it appears as though the bulk of customers are men using it to remove makeup from women in order to better “judge” them.

Okay, in case there is any confusion: Women don’t use makeup in order to “trick” men, nor do they generally use it to attract them. They wear makeup because makeup is a form of self-expression, because it makes them feel confident, because they just like it. Focusing on what someone looks like under their makeup completely misses the point and reduces a woman to an object to be scrutinized.

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The app takes a person’s decision to wear makeup — as well as their self-expression — away from them. And what possible positive purpose could that serve?

Again, whether or not a woman chooses to wear makeup is exactly that — her choice. It should be both respected as an act of autonomy, not as something to be stripped away at the whim of others. So maybe let’s cool it on any newfangled apps that aim to both judge and disrespect women, okay? Thanks.