Credit: Getty Images / Bloomberg

It can take forever to find your favorite emoji in the emoji keyboard. The scrolling can truly get out of hand! Luckily, for Android Gboard users, finding the perfect emoji just got a whole lot easier.

According to Google’s latest blogpost, the latest Gboard update now offers an emoji handwriting icon. Tapping this button will allow you to draw out the emoji you’re looking for. Gboard will then recognize your drawing and suggest the relevant emoji in the box above.

As much as this will help, your art skills must be somewhat refined so Gboard can figure out what you want.

Hey, it’s not a mind reader.

Credit: Google

Mashable reports that this update arrives after Google’s experimentation with user-drawing recognition technology. The company first tried its hand at this with Autodraw, which recognizes user drawings and recommends professional illustrations that are similar to what you drew.

Along with their new emoji drawing feature, Google has also employed phrase suggestions within Gboard. These pop-up word suggestions aim to cut down on your text time by predicting what you’re trying to say.

So actually — we take it back! Gboard is a mind reader.

And of course, because Google is Google, Gboard’s improved search feature allows you to scroll through multiple results based on your search.

To make sure your phone is ready for these new Gboard features, update your app to the latest version (6.3). Have fun, kids, and try not to get too distracted with the new emoji drawing capabilities.