Rebecca Vineyard
December 13, 2016 12:20 pm

Tech enthusiasts, rejoice! Virtual reality is about to get more cozy, now that you can watch Netflix on Google’s own virtual reality device. Virtual reality is fast becoming a mainstay in all facets of entertainment, and there’s even a virtual reality roller coaster to feel like you’re flying. Um, sign us up. But actually, wait, we have to binge this new Netflix show via VR *first*. Then, VR roller coaster.

The new Netflix VR app is a little different than those immersive, virtual reality experiences, though. It works on all Deaydream headsets, including Google’s Daydream View, which is cool. But, instead of being *inside* a virtual experience, you’re essentially just watching Netflix.

Okay, it’s a little different. The Netflix VR app puts you in a cozy cabin, which is cool. It’s very similar to the app available on the Samsung Gear VR. You probably feel like you’re in a warm, inviting ski chalet on a winter’s night. But, it’s less about the cabin itself and more about the big screen you get to watch Netflix on.

While that’s cool, we’re not sure how *much* different that is than simply watching Netflix on a TV screen IRL. After all, this isn’t like a virtual roller coaster that lets you fly.

Also, as of now the app doesn’t support offline downloading. After all, it’s not part of Netflix’s main mobile app for Android. You even have to sign in separately. So, at this moment, you can’t binge anywhere without a solid wifi connection. Which, maybe, is for the best.

HBO NOW is also available on Google’s VR platform. So, if you do want to shut out the world and do some serious TV binging, you have options aplenty.

We’re not sure you need to experience Netflix in virtual reality. After all, you can still get all the same shows on your usual viewing devices. But, we have to admit, watching OINTB in a “cabin” might be pretty cool.