neil degrasse tyson
Credit: Rick Kern/Getty Images

In a video for Mashable, astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson explained why sending trash to space isn’t such a good idea. And it’s probably not for the reasons you’d think.

“Would anyone consider putting trash on the moon, because we trashed Earth,” Tyson rhetorically asked in the beginning of the short vid. And while passing off our waste burdens off to space sounds disgusting, that’s not why Tyson is against the idea. It’s just not worth the money, or the effort.

According to the scientist, sending heaps of trash would take so much money and manpower, that it’s almost better to just leave it exactly where it is.

Problem solved and mind blown.

And as far as sending our wastes to the sun? Yeah, that’s a horrible idea as well.

“But, it would be ideal because then it just vaporizes, and no one will know any different,” Tyson said. “But, if you just toss something around the Earth, it will orbit the sun along with Earth.” And to get it to fall into the sun, Tyson says that “you’d have to give it backwards velocity.”

Bottom line — there’s no better way to eliminate our amount of waste than to recycle and reuse. And knowing that there’s really no escaping our trash, maybe we’ll start to take these acts a little more seriously. And there’s no better day than today (Earth Day) to learn such a valuable lesson.