Madison Vanderberg
Updated October 20, 2017

Listen, it’s hard to keep up with the kids and their sexual lingo, okay? Some mom, who didn’t know the name of some sex stuff, texted her daughter an innocent message about the cold weather.

23-year-old Grace, who lives in Boston where it is very cold, received a text from her mom warning her that the frost could make the deck slippery, and to be careful.

Unfortunately, Grace’s mom said it in the most NSFW-way possible.

“Be careful when you leave in the morning it’s ass eating season,” wrote Grace’s mom.


After this completely NSFW text exchange, Grace did what every Millennial does when they have a weird text exchange with their parents…she tweeted it out.

Grace told Buzzfeed, “I think this is something she might have overheard or seen in a meme and confused it for ‘eating shit,’ and then was trying to be funny when she texted me.”

Moms be mom’ing!

Grace also adds that she explained to her mom that the phrase did NOT mean to fall or “eat shit,” and in fact, meant something sexual.

“She was a little embarrassed but thought it was funny,” Grace said. “I don’t know if she looked it up, I really hope not.”

The internet has weighed in, and people love it.

Moms texting anything is fantastic. If you want some more LOLs courtesy of moms-texting-things, Kristen Dunst shared this PEAK mom text over the summer, and Zendaya tweeted out a text from her mom that was a fantastic combination of classic mom guilt-tripping AND emojis.