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Today in “has science gone too far?”, a scientist has created a robot that will ignore you and post selfies on Instagram if you annoy it. Seriously.

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As if we didn’t already know enough real live people like this.

According to Gizmodo, the robot in question is named “Deltu” and is a delta model robot created by Alexia Léchot at the Swiss design school ECAL. Deltu will play a Simon-style game on an iPad with you, where you must mimic every move it does perfectly.

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However, unlike the game Simon, which just makes a weird noise when you mess up, this robot stops playing with you completely, and instead takes a selfie, and posts it on Instagram. And honestly, same.

We can’t tell if this is the best invention ever, or the worst.

Although it is totally hilarious to program a robot to be catty, it isn’t necessarily a quality the world is lacking. Or a useful quality that can help anyone. Unless you’re someone who likes getting ignored, which is probably no one.

Nonetheless, we completely feel for this robot. It didn’t ask to be born or created. It just woke up one day and had to suffer fools who can’t play memorization games well. And we all totally post selfies on Instagram when we’re bored.

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So scratch that, this might be the most realistic, human-like robot ever created.

Keep on keeping on, Deltu! We fully support your Instagram game and hope you get some worthy opponents soon.

Check out Deltu in action below: