Credit: via iCloud

Fellow iPhone users of the world, are you getting weird spam events in your calendar? For the lucky few who have no idea what we’re talking about, here’s the lowdown. Some iPhone users have been getting strange iPhone calendar spam about Black Friday sales and flash deals, which they didn’t sign up for. (Add this to the list of reasons we sometimes miss the days before we had a smart phone.)

According to CNET, there’s no real solution to this issue right now, but there are a couple workarounds to this pesky problem, should we begin to see it pop up again.

First, log into your iCloud on your computer.

We did some digging around on our phones and don’t see how to do this solution through our settings. Bummer.

Credit: via iCloud

Once you’re in, click on the Calendar app, and select the gear button in the bottom left corner.


iCloud has your calendar set to automatically send event notifications as in-app notifications, but to save yourself the hassle of getting a woken up about an Oakley sale, switch your event notifications to email.


In addition to this work around, CNET has also suggested making a separate spam calendar, which sounds a little silly, but this is a problem of the future, okay?! If you’re concerned that a response to that event notification will lead to you getting more notifications, go into your calendar app on your phone, tap “Calendars” at the bottom, then “Edit” in the top left corner. Under the iCloud category, add a new calendar, and customize it to however you see fit.

Once you finish with this, select “Done,” then “Inbox.” If you’ve received a spam invite, select the notification, and make sure you change the calendar so it’s filed under your spam calendar. Do this for any and all spammy events you have, then go back to the calendar editing screen and press Delete and Do Not Notify so you won’t continue to be bothered.

The simplest suggestion we’ve seen is to stop synching your iCloud calendar, especially if you’re someone who is opting for a planner in the coming months or uses another app to keep all their events in check.

It’s a frustrating issue that takes a little time to work around, but it can be done. Whew.