Karen Belz
Aug 02, 2017 @ 1:31 pm
Credit: Maria / Unsplash

We can't help it — we're simply in love with Instagram. And as it turns out, many people feel the same way. A few new stats were revealed about how long people spend on Instagram, and we seriously had no idea.

The stats came out to help celebrate the one-year anniversary of Instagram Stories. It seems like only yesterday this feature was rolled out, but alas — time flies when you're sharing photos. As it turns out, the feature made users even more addicted to the social media app.

Not only are we sharing more of our special moments, but we’re also spending more time viewing everyone else’s.

The folks behind the app themselves revealed that users under the age of 25 spend a little more than 32 minutes on Instagram per day. For those over 25, the app is used about 24 minutes daily. It might sound low, but compare those numbers to everything else you do in 24 hours. It's the equivalent, more or less, to an episode of Friends. And that's time spent on just one social media site!

That's not all. About 50% of businesses that have an account have used the Instagram Stories feature, meaning that the advertising game has totally changed.

Now for a fun one. They also revealed the most popular hashtags used on their platform. The top three are pretty charming and friendly — #GOODMORNING topped the ranking (we're sure a lot of coffee photos use this tag) and #WORK and #GOODNIGHT followed. Okay — so maybe "work" isn't always charming and friendly.

We want to wish a very happy first birthday to Instagram Stories! We know the perfect way to celebrate.