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Creating a passcode for your phone is the safest way to prevent strangers from accessing your information should you ever lose your phone. Or at least, we thought it was. As it turns out, it’s possible for anyone to access your personal information from your locked phone. Yeah, it’s a pretty scary thought that could easily turn into your reality.

The iPhone offers two ways to set up your security. You can choose a four or six digit passcode, and/or you can use your fingerprints to make sure that you’re the only person accessing your phone. But according to one woman who happened to find someone else’s phone, passcodes don’t stop a stranger from finding out all kinds of personal information.

Twitter user uninterested hō explained what happened in a series of tweets, and TBH, it’s pretty scary.

She’s clearly a good human and gave the girl her phone back, but she realized something pretty scary in the process. Even when the phone was locked, she had access to the notifications and was able to ask Siri questions. She found the girl’s first and last name, where she lives, and even where her car was parked. Yikes!

It’s unnerving to know that literally anyone could have access to that much personal information. Though, the good news is that there’s a way to change your settings so all of that info isn’t accessible without your passcode or fingerprint.

We’re thankful to uninterested hō (whose real name we obviously don’t know) for bringing this to our attention. It only takes a few seconds to do, and it could prevent a major security issue for you down the road if you ever lose your phone (let’s be real — it’s happened to the best of us).