Credit: Pexels

We here at HelloGiggles are all about sex positivity. So when we heard that there’s now an app to help people improve their oral sex skills, we thought…why not?! The app — appropriately called “Lick This App” — is specifically designed for those aiming to get better at performing oral sex on women.

According to the app’s website, the service is designed to “train your tongue,” because, “practice makes pleasure.” Okay, okay, we think we’re on board so far. Apparently, you follow along with different tongue exercises, which include things like “up and down,” “circles,” and “freestyle.”

The only issue is you apparently also have to lick your phone in order for the program to assess your movements and help you get better…

Which is kinda a big deal, since, ya know,phones are freaking filthy. HOWEVER, the app also recommends that you wrap your phone in plastic wrap before beginning, so that everyone is safe and sound. Okay…we’re officially back on board!

And if the whole practicing sexy stuff on your phone isn’t for you/kinda weirds you out, we totally get it (nothing’s for everyone!). But we also totally appreciate anything that encourages sex positivity and a good time for ladies. Because historically, women’s sexual needs have been completely ignored at best, and literally demonized at worst (ugh). So we think it’s more than okay that someone has developed a technology to help give us ladies a healthy dose of pleasure.

The app doesn’t require a download. Simply go to Lick My App on your smartphone, and let the games begin!