We all have that moment of fear when we take a screenshot on Instagram. The panic runs through our heads for a split second. “Will this person see what I just did?!” Thankfully, most of the time, the answer is no. Until, that is, when it’s not.

Take a deep breath, because we are about to tell you some vaguely upsetting news: Instagram does notify someone if you take a screenshot … but only if you take a screenshot of a disappearing direct message.

Then, sadly, the Instagram user will be notified.

This means that NO, taking a screenshot of a gallery photo or story will not notify the user. You can breathe easy on that account! However, they will know if you decide to save a DM.

The saving grace in this is remembering that if someone is sending you a disappearing direct message, they probably won’t be too mad that you’re taking a screenshot. After all, they’re probably sending it just to you, right?

All we’re saying is that we’re thankful that we can still screenshot texts without worry. We’re crossing our fingers (and toes, tbh) that this is the only time Instagram will ever notify users of screenshots, or things could get a little trickier! I mean, how else are we supposed to save our friends memes for later laughter?!

What happens on Insta, stays on Insta?