Credit: Kevin Mazur/Getty Images

Let’s face it, we’re all pretty obsessed with scrolling through our Instagram feeds and posting our latest adventures (and the meals we consume). One of the Jenner sisters was too, until she went cold turkey and left us wondering: WHY?!

Luckily, we just heard that Kendall Jenner revealed to Ellen DeGeneres why she deleted her Instagram. And it’s relatable AF.

Seriously, when the news broke that she deleted her Instagram earlier this week, we didn’t know how to deal. It seems like a few celebs are calling it quits though (remember that Justin Bieber deleted his account recently because it was all too much). So what’s Jenner’s reason, you ask? Well, she needed some alone time.

Yeah, we can relate to that. And we love how Jenner genuinely didn’t realize this would become big news. Bless her!

Even though Jenner’s only been away from Insta for two days, we’re confident she’ll be back. And she actually admits that to Ellen…so there’s no need to sound the alarm!

This is only temporary, and we all occasionally need some time away from social media, right? Or maybe it’s just that we need to use Insta in moderation. Like Jenner says, being dependent on it first thing in the morning and last thing at night is possibly (probably) overkill. But then again, there are worse obsessions…

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