Rachel Sanoff
Updated October 10, 2016 1:54 pm

I’d guess that many of us are familiar with the unique frustration that arises when typing out an emotionally draining rant to a friend via text and inserting a cathartic, perfectly placed f-bomb, only for your controlling iPhone to tell you that what you really meant to say was “ducking.”

I doubt any of us has ever intentionally told someone to “duck off” or vented to a friend about how something “ducking” sucks — but autocorrect prefers to keep things PG-rated and waterfowl centric.

As Steven Thrasher of The Guardian cleverly suggests on Twitter, simply add names to your contacts for a certain “F**k F***ker” and “F**ked F***king,” and your phone will forever recognize the curse words, rather than correct them — it will think you are typing out the name of a friend.


Thank you, Steven, from all of us. This is ducking rad.

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