The new iPhone 7 commercial is totally stunning visually, but also sort of makes us feel like Samara is going to crawl out of our iPhone in seven days (THE iPHONE 7?! IT’S A CONSPIRACY) and kill us because we watched the video.

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We’re definitely looking forward to the next iPhone update, and not only because we’re just a little addicted to the feeling of a shiny new iPhone when you first pull it out of the box.

If you’re anything like us, you probably need to be a person who stays away from all surfaces of water to avoid phone-death-by-H20, but the first few minutes out of the box before you lock it into the mobile equivalent of the Texas Bubble Boy’s casing are total bliss.

But a better camera, better durability, more waterproof? Hello, phone of our dreams.

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That said, we’re also SUPER NERVOUS about the lack of headphone jack? We’ve lived through CDs and tape cassettes and Walkmans and mp3 players and first generation iPods — and through all of that the headphone jack has been there for us. We’re definitely going to miss it… but now we have more things to worry about.

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Like this commercial. Seriously, we’re nervous. It’s like some kind of dark, pretty prophecy and we’re pretty sure it just means we’re going to get a new iPhone in the near future but it also kind of feels like we should avoid any risky activities… just in case.