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Updated Apr 12, 2017 @ 5:52 pm
water orb
Credit: Guillaume Couche /Courtesy of Skipping Rocks Lab / /

Remember that rain drop cake that tickled the taste buds of people around the world last summer? Well, a laboratory in the U.K. is giving us another option to try the “rain drop” method of eating by creating a way to hydrate minus that pesky water bottle.

Skipping Rocks Lab is the brains behind this project. For years, the team has been working to create an alternative to water bottles, which can be harmful to the environment when discarded. According to the lab’s website, its goal is to “stop 1 billion plastic bottles reaching the ocean every year and to stop 300 million kg of CO2 from ever being emitted.”

How do they plan on doing this? With a palm-sized water blob held together with a special seaweed packaging.

So far, Ooho is the lab’s first work-in-progress and it hasn’t hit the market yet. The lab claims that the seaweed-based material they used to contain the liquid is actually cheaper than using plastic.

For more information on the water blobs and Skipping Rocks Lab, head to its website. Love this idea? You can also contribute to its crowdfunding campaign.

This article originally appeared in Travel & Leisure by Erika Owen.