Credit: Getty/iStock/Tim Robberts

Instagram, back at it again with the latest update! Although we were a bit skeptical when Instagram created a stories feature like Snapchat and a live streaming tool like Periscope, Instagram’s newest bookmarking feature is way more like Pinterest now! They have been very busy with updates, but their newest feature lets you save posts so you can look at them later. Now we can finally free up space in our camera roll and not be embarrassed with the amount of screenshots we have in our phone. Don’t judge us, we know you have a picture of the Gigi Hadid and Stuart Weitzman boots saved for shoe inspiration!

The newest feature was announced on the company blog, a couple of days after its new live video feature was made available for users in the states. When you peruse through your feed you’ll see a bookmark icon underneath posts. When you tap on the bookmark icon it will save a post to the new, private tab on your profile. This private tab is only visible to you, so you won’t have to feel guilty about anyone seeing your saving habits.

While rolling out the newest feature, Instagram totally hit the nail on the head about why they created this new additive. Seriously the engineering team that helped develop this needs a raise!

We’re starting to see the vision that Instagram is creating. In the day and age where we have copious amounts of social media apps, Instagram is slowly but surely condensing them all into one. While we are loving this idea, we find ourselves reminiscing of the days when we had a chronological feed. So on our Christmas list this year we hope Santa makes a pit stop in Silicon Valley and asks the engineers to add a capability to choose your own feed style and make links in Instagram captions clickable. We are so over saying “link in the bio!”