Alyssa Thorne
September 22, 2016 1:56 pm
Lucia Lambriex/ Getty Images

Maybe the worst thing about social media is the constant pressure to present your life in an aesthetically pleasing and clever manner. Honestly. One of these things would be enough. For instance, if we just had to share pictures of our friends looking adorable and also just candid enough to seem genuine (but not so candid as to be unflattering).

OR if we just had to come up with a witty caption and pick the right emojis, we’d still probably be overwhelmed. But Instagram wants BOTH. Finally, though, comes a change we’ve long needed.

Praise be to the gods of Instagram, we’re finally getting a drafts feature!

While you still can’t edit a photo after saving it as a draft, at least we can finally edit pictures to our liking. And then come back later when we’ve concocted the perfect caption to get the most likes (aka validation) from our friends instead of having to do it all at once.

If you’re a SUPER avid social media maven, you’ll also probably love the ability to save a few drafts at a time, so the posts are ready to go after you’ve spaced them out appropriately, time-wise. Instagram shared directions revealing how to do this via their Twitter.

Finally, an Instagram update we’ve actually been asking for.