Brittany Boyd
August 06, 2016 1:32 pm
Mischa Patrick/Instagram
Ever wondered what Instagram would have looked like in the 1990s? Look no further! Feeding into the throwback trend, Russian graphic designer Misha Petrick, created a project titled “Instagram for Win95,” which shows us what the smartphone app would have looked like in the ’90s.
For starters, users would gain access through the computer’s desktop. Compared to today’s Instagram, the app would have been low-quality with limited colors and pixelated fonts.
Instead of the selfie-laden social media site we know today, users would have interacted with animated GIFs and clip-art. This would have been ideal for advertising, like the Nike ad featured below.
Just do it!


Petrick believes the app would have featured some of the same key aspects, such as: scrolling through your feed, receiving notifications, and adding filters to photos.
Basic functionality aside, a version of Instagram from the ’90s wouldn’t have been worth writing home over. But, thanks to technology and two decades worth of advancements, we all have the power to share food and beach pictures that are sure to make our friends jealous!

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To see more of Petrick’s work check out this awesome Behance page.