Have you ever wished for an unlimited supply of stickers of your face? Well, the future is now, people! Thanks to Instagram, we’ve been blessed with selfie stickers and our face is about to be everywhere. Of course, these aren’t physical stickers — all the surfaces in our home are thankful for that. But these virtual selfie stickers can be used via Instagram Stories or direct messages and are ultimately changing the Instagram game.

Suddenly, nothing is safe from getting a sticker of our face smacked on it.

Now, when you take a photo for your story or to direct message someone, you’ll notice a camera icon in the sticker selection. Tapping this icon will allow you to take a mini-selfie. You can change the frame around your mini-selfie by tapping on it before or after capturing.

And you can stick these mini-selfies anywhere on your existing picture!

Instagram also lets you pin your mini-selfie to a certain spot in your video. Tap and hold the selfie sticker to movie it and then confirm by tapping “Pin.”

In addition to the selfie stickers, Instagram is also introducing four new geostickers for Chicago, London, Madrid, and Tokyo. The Instagram blog reads,

Now that we finally have our very own selfie stickers, our selfie powers are endless. If you need us, we’ll be over there in that swath of natural sunlight taking selfie after selfie after selfie after selfie…