Lauren Saccone
Updated November 29, 2017

In a bid to get users to take advantage of their direct messaging service, Instagram has introduced the remix update, and it allows you to modify any images sent via direct message. As in, you can now officially vandalize the photos your friends send you and send them back instantly. Which is kind of the best.

Ready to try this fun new feature for yourself? We’ve got a quick and easy how-to for making the most of it.

And don’t worry if you’re not super tech-savvy — it’s deceptively simple to use. First, you’ll need a photo message from one of your friends. Once that’s been achieved, tap the camera icon at the bottom of the photo. This lets you “capture a reply.” From there, you can get creative. Add stickers, draw all over the photo, and even add text. Seriously — you can go crazy.

But that’s not all Instagram is offering with this update. You can then determine if your friends can view the altered pic once, or allow them to “Replay” it over and over on loop.

The new feature admittedly feels a little bit Snapchat-inspired, but we’re not mad about it. Instagram has been knocking it out of the park creatively lately with a slew of new features (Superzoom and troll-blocker capabilities, we’re looking at you), so we’re willing to give them a little leeway here. Also, we genuinely can’t wait to start messing with our friends’ pics.

Because what are friends and social media for if not for that?