Kenya Foy
August 10, 2016 12:27 pm
Chris Jackson/Getty Images

We hate to be the bearer of bad news, but feel free to direct your wrath towards Facebook and its plan to block ad-blockers on your desktop. According to USA Today, on Tuesday the social media site put methods in place that would allow it to basically confuse ad blocking software when it comes to determining the difference between status updates and sponsored posts.

This gives us instant flashbacks to last November when AdBlock users were locked out of their Yahoo email accounts. If you’ll recall, that did not go over well and we get the feeling quite a few Facebook users might not be so keen on the change.


Ad sales account for the majority of Facebook’s revenue, but obviously user experience is important. Although some critics have their doubts as to whether the social media site’s motives are strictly financial-based, Facebook’s vice president of ads and business platform Andrew “Boz” Bosworth assured USA Today that is not the case.

“I don’t think the all or nothing approach that ad blockers end up taking is really the best way forward,” Bosworth said. “Our approach is to find a middle ground. So instead of all or nothing, we want to partner with consumers through tools like ad preferences that allow them to work with us to see ads that are more relevant to their interests and that don’t interrupt their experience.”

Ugh — work it out, guys! We want everything to be harmonious in social media land.