Harry Potter
Credit: 7831/Gamma-Rapho via Getty Images

If you’ve been dreaming of getting that Hogwarts letter since you were in middle school, you’re one step closer! Google has created a phone feature that will have you shedding your Muggle ways. You can now cast Harry Potter spells using a smartphone, but there’s one tiny catch…

…you have to be a proud owner of an Android phone.

In the same way that witches and wizards cast spells in the Harry Potter universe, you can silence your phone and turn your flashlight on and off. This new feature is available to anyone who has an Android phone, according to the company’s website. So get your wallets ready to cast a hefty spending charm.

All you have to do is say “Okay Google” to turn on the feature and then cast one of the three spells programmed into the phone.

You have the option of casting a “Lumos,” “Nox,” or “Silencio” spell. Everything a young tech-savvy wizard or witch needs! Just remember to use your powers for good and don’t create a Horcrux by mistake.

Hopefully, this feature can come to iPhones soon. Many people will want to cast spells in between selfies and posting on social media. Wandless magic is nothing to fool around with, but if you have the option, who could resist?!

The desire for more Harry Potter technology is causing developers to come up with cool new ideas such as a Harry Potter VR game. You can potentially wield your wand through a virtual maze, casting spells and being a badass wizard. Who wouldn’t like that?!

Until then, we’ll just have to make due with phone commands! People who love the book series will find this new phone feature fascinating. Finally, some tangible magic in the real world.