Kenya Foy
Updated January 11, 2017 7:04 am
Hunter Hobbs /

The world is divided into two types of people: Excel spreadsheet lovers, and those who absolutely loathe it. But no matter how you feel about this potentially perplexing program, you have to give props to this guy for manually scrolling to the bottom of an Excel spreadsheet.

Exceptionally patient individual and YouTube user Hunter Hobbs went through all 1,048,576 rows, which took him over nine hours. So, he didn’t reveal an Excel spreadsheet secret (see: Google), but his scrolling feat was way quicker than waiting on an explanation for why Kelly Rowland used Excel to text Nelly in “Dilemma,” which took 14 WHOLE YEARS.

Now, that alone is worth a round of applause, but what we truly appreciate is Hobbs’ commitment to take us somewhere we’ve all gone in our imaginations every time we opened an Excel file but never had the wherewithal to continue scrolling our lives away to see with our own two eyes.

While the video is edited down to two and a half minutes, we can’t imagine how difficult it must’ve been to sit in the same spot for nine hours (srsly, that’s a full day’s work) pressing firmly on the down arrow key, but somehow he managed to pull it off and keep his finger alive in the process.

Pssh, we used to be impressed by Excel spreadsheet whizzes for creating flawlessly functioning formulas and macros in their sleep, but we’re campaigning for someone to cut Hobbs a check for this seemingly undo-able feat because he’s officially our new Excel hero.