Kenya Foy
Updated Feb 07, 2017 @ 10:52 am
guy controls bulldog with remote
Credit: William Osman /

Everyone knows dogs are fully capable of comprehending and responding to verbal commands, but here’s a guy who said to hell with repeating “down, boy” and “roll over” all damn day. Like, why waste human words when you can control your bulldog with a remote control? We’ll pause so your brains can absorb that info.

So yeah, one lucky (or unlucky) dog’s human came up with this quirky idea, because apparently, honing his bulldog’s skateboarding skills just wasn’t interesting enough.

Or maybe maybe his bulldog spends its Mondays running head-first into walls, and therefore, could use a little more guidance than the average pet. OK, so we actually have no idea what compelled YouTuber William Osman to try and manually control his English bulldog via “bio-hacking,” but we definitely want to know whether all the trouble he went to building this contraption was worth it in the end.

Osman uses a bunch of fancy-schmancy tech talk to explain the goal of this undertaking, which is essentially to get his bulldog to follow a wiener on a stick.

Credit: William Osman /

Based on the dog’s sullen expression in this drawing, we don’t have high hopes for the outcome, but we’ll keep watching because we don’t want to miss where this remote-controlled wiener leads us. Oh yeah, and the dog.

After outlining the mission, Osman quickly guides us through the construction of his doggie remote control, which is honestly confusing AF. He then performs two separate test runs that we loudly sighed and face-palmed our way through because building stuff that actually works is just tew damn stressful.

So, does this remote control machinery work or not?

Short answer is “eh.” It might be good for temporarily distracting Osman’s dog, but it’s probably more effective at inducing sudden hot dog cravings in humans.