Kenya Foy
December 08, 2016 11:06 am
Aliaksei Zholner /

Being crafty with your hands is one thing, but it’s quite another to build a tiny engine from paper, like genius YouTuber Aliaksei Zholner (also known as Al Zh) who’s responsible for accomplishing this unbelievably creative feat. As if this isn’t impressive enough, Zholner’s wizard-like handiwork previously produced a working V6 engine out of paper.

Although there’s video footage that breaks down the construction of the super small single-cylinder engine, we’re still confused as to how he manages to manipulate paper this way, when we can barely hold our hands still long enough to apply liquid eyeliner without smearing it all over our eyelids.

With any luck, our cat eyeliner struggles will be long gone way before we can wrap our heads around this impressive paper production. While you check out Zholner’s step-by-step video of breaking apart his old engine and creating the newer, smaller one, we’ll be pretending we’re actually able to follow along like:


Some of the components are unbelievably small; most of the miniature pieces are less than a few inches wide. The video description lists the dimensions as follows: Shaft diameter: 0.5 mm; Piston stroke: 3 mm; Cylinder diameter: 3 mm.

Zholner’s paper engine designs are so popular that he’s uploaded an instruction sheet on how to build some of his simpler designs.

Here’s the video of his V6 engine, which couldn’t be further from simple but is still amazing to watch:

And to think, we had the nerve to get cocky after making a few DIY paper lanterns. We still have goals to achieve!