Sarah Terry
Updated Dec 28, 2016 @ 2:38 pm
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The holidays are a great time for tech gifts, and if you’re like us, you’ve been holding onto that old smartphone just long enough to get a new one for the holidays. But once you’ve got a new smartphone, the old one needs to be dealt with. Because these gadgets are valuable, and you don’t want to just throw it out. There are lots of uses for an old cell phone that you don’t use anymore, since smartphones aren’t just phones, they’re mini computers. Some have really nice cameras, and some are still fully functional, so why not find a way to extend there life? Here, we’ve collected a list of things you can do now that you’ve got a new smartphone to play with.

1Keep it and repurpose it.

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Instead of getting rid of your old phone, why not keep it and make use of some of its features? You could download music and use your phone as a music player. You could bring it on hikes or trips and use it as a camera, so you don’t drop your most expensive phone. Tons of apps can turn your phone into a remote, and you could make that its dedicated use. Or you can even use an old cell phone as a security camera near the door to your house. Even though it might not be getting data or cell service anymore, don’t forget all the awesome features has using just wifi.

2Give it to a friend or relative who needs one.

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Often when we get a new phone, the old one is still in good condition. But new phones have new feature that we want, so we replace our old one. But there are a LOT of people who would love to have a smartphone. Maybe you have a friend or relative who has kids who need a phone, but they don’t want to buy them a new one. Maybe your friend broke their new phone, and they need a replacement until their plan will let them upgrade. Ask around in your life and on social media, and we bet you’ll find someone who would love to have a phone. As long as you’ve paid off your old phone, you can simply go to your provider and have them unlock it for you. After that, you’re free to donate it to anyone who might need it.

3Trade it in against the cost of your new phone.

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Buying a new phone can be expensive, but if you have an old phone that still works, that can help reduce the cost. Lots of providers will accept an old phone and give you some money off of a new phone. You can also trade it in through a third party site like Amazon or Gazelle. Just make sure to do a little price compare, so you get the best price you can for your old phone.

4Sell it to make a little money to buy new phone accessories.

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You can also sell an old phone in good condition outright. We often forget, given how fast phone technology changes, but even an iPhone that’s a few years old is worth some money. Make sure to follow the steps to unlock the phone and delete all of your information off of it. You can usually restore your phone to factory settings pretty simply. Then, you can post it up on a site like eBay and make a little money. With the extra cash maybe you can buy that new case you have your eye on.

5And if it’s totally beyond salvaging, recycle it, don’t toss it.

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If your phone stopped working, the screen cracked, or it’s otherwise unsalvageable, then don’t just throw it in the garbage. Electronics are still valuable, and some parts can be recycled. You can recycle a phone very simply by going into your local Best Buy. They’ll take any electronics, and the process is super easy. Many other electronics stores will take your old electronics to recycle. A quick internet search will show an electronics recycling location near you.

There are so many great options for putting your old phone to use. And now you can enjoy that awesome new technology!