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Remember that super huge Apple event that took place in celebration of the iPhone 7? Well, Google is having a product launch party of its own, and we’re super curious. Business Insider says that the company is planning to announce a number of new products including an update on its smartphone and a virtual reality headset. Woah. Welcome to the future, guys!

The main event, Business Insider says, is likely to be the launch of Google Home.

Remember when we dreamed of smart houses? Well, the time has come. Tech lovers, prepare to freak.

Like, whaaaaat?! We know it’s 2016, but, OMG. It’s so hard to imagine a world where we just talk to a speaker and it does whatever we ask. How bizarre, but also how freakin’ cool?!

The big event is expected to go down October 4th.

Which is right around the corner!!!

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And we can’t wait to see how things go down! Here’s to amazing new tech.