The lengthy 2016 election cycle left many of us feeling as though we were living in a nightmare — but that didn’t compare to waking up on November 9th and facing the reality that Donald Trump is our president elect. (Yes, I cried a little as I wrote that.) Like many other people, I desperately need a laugh right now, and a Google Chrome extension that replaces Trump images with cheeseburgers has provided a moment of levity.

The extension was created by Daragh Kan, co-founder of Australian burger chain Mr. Burger.

Credit: Pexels

Something tells me that Trump will not find this especially amusing — as soon as he gets wind of it, we can probably expect a firestorm of angry, petulant tweets. But instead of looking at his Twitter account, I’m going to focus on the positive things in life, like cheeseburgers. It’s the little things that will get us through these next four years.