Olivia Harvey
Updated Nov 21, 2017 @ 8:00 am
Google calendar
Credit: Future Publishing/Getty Images

If you’re an avid Google Calendar user, you most likely want everything in your life to happen on time. So where the heck is the Google Calendar update? You’re likely not seeing the new version yet because the update is being released on a rolling basis within the next 24 hours (as of yesterday, November 20th).

Tech and software companies release their products this way to better handle any user issues that may arise. The first few people who can see and use the Google Calendar update will hopefully let Google know if the app has any bugs, which the company can then fix before rolling the update out to the next batch of customers. If Google were to release their Calendar update to the tens of millions of its users at once, a single bug *could* cause a worldwide Calendar blackout (egads!).

So if you can see the Google Calendar update — congrats! You’re one of Google’s guinea pigs.

The update also aims to help businesspeople better plan and schedule meetings. Users can now add special formatting and hyperlinks to important documents to Calendar invites.

Bustle reports that some new Calendar users have reported synching problems. Google has since published a troubleshooting page to help those experiencing this issue.

G Suite admins have access to alternative rollout options to transition their users into the new Google Calendar layout, either automatically or manually. You can read more about those options on this Google blogpost for G Suite admins.

The Google Calendar help page notes that if you can’t see the “Use New Calendar” option on the top right of your screen, then the update is not yet available for you. But, hopefully it won’t be unavailable for much longer. Patience is a virtue, friends!