Credit: Fox

By year’s end, we literally have a million apps on our phones and those that aren’t seriously worth it get deleted in a month’s time. The Gmail for iPhone app is one that we haven’t been fans of for quite some time—its customer experience has been inconvenient and awkward for longer than we’d care to admit—but we’re seriously reconsidering our thoughts based on the application’s latest update.

With its latest update, the app has taken a huge step forward with a handful of enhancements and a super cool “Undo Send” feature: a complete game changer if we do say so ourselves. This means that those pesky typos, accidental mass emails, and messages sent to the wrong person can all be reversed if you act quickly. And it now feels like the app has actually been revamped and adapted for our iPhone screens, instead of a wrap of Gmail’s desktop website.

According to Google’s official statement on the changes, faster search and a simple swipe to archive or delete are also on the list of cool new improvements.

But let’s get back to reality here on that nifty new unsend feature.To note: you cannot simply just undo any email send at any time, ever. What does happen is that the app has a few seconds’ lag in the send for your message—with the bottom right corner for your screen now displaying the new “Undo” button.


After clicking undo, it takes you back into the email you previously sent.


It then creates a draft when you go back to your inbox.


Not complete magic, but it looks good to us! You can get the latest version of the Gmail for iPhone app in the App store right now. Run, don’t walk for all the new features.