Credit: Andrew Chin/Getty Images

If there’s one thing we can all agree on after last week’s election, it’s that Facebook has been absolutely abuzz with political news and opinions. And one of our favorite Internet wise men wants to impart an important, Facebook-related message during this tense time.

Vulture let us know that George Takei doesn’t want you to unfriend people with opposing political perspectives.

Apart from the fact that it spells #drama because you can see who unfriended you (and that causes real-life consequences), Takei provides one of the best reasons possible: optimism. In an op-ed for The Daily Beast he wrote,

We’re extremely on board with Takei’s positive approach to this difficult subject, and appreciate that he’s advocating for small changes that impact our community in meaningful ways.

If you’ve been seriously considering unfriending some Facebook friends this week, just make sure to take a moment to really think about what it means. What might seem like an inconsequential gesture could end up contributing to the tense political climate we’re all trying to move past.

We’re open to more wise words from George Takei anytime!